TR / CB Stock 3-D Chocolate Mold Centerpieces  

TR / SQ Center Pieces

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Happy Birthday Chocolate Centerpiece Message1
Thank You Chocolate Centerpiece Message2
Congratulations Chocolate Centerpiece Message3
Happy Holidays Chocolate Centerpiece Message4
Your logo Custom Business Gift Chocolate Centerpiece5
Happy Valentines Day Chocolate Centerpiece Message6
Your Company logo 3D Custom Business Gift Chocolate Centerpiece7
Your logo 3D Custom Business Gift Chocolate Centerpiece8
Your logo 3D Custom Business Gift Chocolate Centerpiece9
Centerpiece Choices: Highlight your industry or theme by embossing your logo or message on one of our stock 3-D centerpieces. Each centerpiece is interchangeable with any size TR and SQ box. You can get any combination of our TR and SQ boxes, and pay only ONE MOLD CHARGE.
Custom Mold Charge: $95
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